Hukommelsespaladset (The Memory Palace) by Luna Park Scenekunst (Ages 6-10)
Stars 5/5

In a large white tent in Holstebro Library, The Memory Palace awaits it’s own young audience. Outside, we meet a woman who tells us that her father, Zacharias Hjernoe, made The Memory Palace to find the best way to save a memory. But where is her father? Together with the mysterious woman, we enter the palace, explore her Father’s memories and discover his whereabouts.

Sitting on a soft carpet in a space crammed with old wooden boxes and books, we listen to the story of a man who didn’t want to forget anything. We experience his Marvellous Memory Machine, in which one can sit and have a memory made for them. The smell of Zacharias’s very first kiss. The taste of memory cakes and even get to have a look in the drawers, cupboards and books that are filled with detailed memories of everything from looking through other people’s things to having tea with the Emperor.

It’s a gorgeous piece that hooks it’s audience so delicately, creating an atmosphere of reverence and awe that is all encompassing. The little gasps from the audience as they look inside all of the cupboards is delightful and there seems to be no detail missed. The solo performer Betina Birkjaer is a joy to watch and has a childlike wonder that is infectious.

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